The Universe has been on overdrive the past 48 hours, and we've been synching up rather flawlessly. It's always dope when you meet strangers, under a series of coincidences-- that clearly didn't have to happen-- and it busts very necessary doors open for you. It gives me a momentary break from picking those same door locks myself. ;-) 
This is precisely what happened two nights ago, and less than 12 hours later I was introduced to a number of fellow entrepreneurs and start-up investors at the first ever National Minority Angels Network Symposium. More than worth the $200 registration free, and a clear(er) indication that Nomadness is on the right track. As the Nomadness High Council and I continue making our Pinky and The Brain international moves, it feeds the hunger, calms the nerves, and reinstates the faith that we will get everything we need to properly launch our initiatives in 2013. We got this!! 
A few of my favorite quotes from the Symposium yesterday:

'There are 3 keys to business... 1. Make $1 2. Make $2 3. Make $1 million"

'I want to be dumb.' (An investor speaking on simplicity of pitches)
'Marketing is a series of coincidences that results in a transaction.' 

'People in hell are thirsty, all I have to do is deliver them ice water."
"Just because an investor will give you $500,000 doesnt mean they are the right investor. It's worse to have taken the money from the wrong investor, than to have never taken the money at all. Look for a passive investor, who will give you the money you need, then let you run your business in your vision."

"You don't ask someone you're on a first date with for $1 million." 
"In a bacon and eggs breakfast...the chicken is involved, but the pork is committed. I want the entrepreneur that is the pork." (even the pescitarian in me could appreciate this analogy...ironically, the person who said it is pescitarian too.)
beasting into and through 2013!