Today has been pretty f*&king amazing!!

I've screamed and laughed from before my toes even left my bed. It's been phenomenal.

Keith, one of the Tribe's High Council members, as well as a dear friend of mine for over a decade posted in the group today... It reads: 

 "At the hostel bar at Loki Hostel in Cusco, Peru. The bartender asks me, "how do you know Evita?" needless to say, the word is spreading...Evie, Charlie says what's good."

I then proceed to my Facebook Inbox and have received a private message from said bartender, about the encounter, from his point of view........this is seriously the dopest thing to wake up to. I feel people throw the word 'movement' out there a lot and it isn't warrented. Yet, Nomadness is the definition and manifestation of what a movement actually is! It's a worldwide community, and family, shaped by the people in it, and the people who will be in it. Our bond. A movement all around the world, yet in unison.

...we also got 'stamped' today. you'll learned more about that in 2013.