This is the honest truth...I wasn't attached to Whiteny's passing. I wasn't sure if it was the fact that I felt deep down that the drug abuse at some time mixed with an aging body was going to catch up to her, or what...but when news hit, I was in Atlanta. A text went to my phone, and it was verified for me through Twitter (the world we live in). Odd and unsettling, yes. Unfortunate, absolutely. My thoughts went directly to Bobbi Christina and Bobby Brown. Their whereabouts, and reactions. With the Grammy's, NAACP Awards, and now an impending funeral, I knew it was going to be a week of her, as it should be.

Now, it's here. Just across the water, in Newark, New Jersey. I'm watching the funeral on my TV screen, and I was unprepared for this. My reaction. I have cried through about 70% of the service so far. I didn't even cry like this watching Michael's funeral. It's not just her impact hitting, but that of the people chosen to speak and sing. As I watch Kevin Costner, BeBe and CeCe Winans, Tyler Perry, Clive Davis, Alicia Keys, Rev. Kim Burell, and Stevie lawd Stevie Wonder, I can't NOT be touched. It's real now for me.

It is not a media fest, it has been a genuine afternon of personal anecdotes, and a look into the life of Whitney Elizabeth Houston. We get a chance to peek into her life as a person, a human, a friend, a mother,  not just a performer. As it's been said, this family has given us the privledge of sharing her with the world. For that, I thank them. My condolences to the family. Her spirit and voice lives on forever.

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