We got this!!!!!!

As many of you know, last year Nomad•ness was successful in a funding campaign for the pilot episode of Berlin or BUST! The video which you can see to the upper right of your screen. --->

Our goal then was $5,000 in 45 days. We hit $6,620. 

Now, with the Tribe surrounding me, it's time to go for the gusto! On September 29, 2012 the Tribe is having their 1 Year Anniversary, and it's going to be the Ultimate International Tribe Meet Up. What better way to bring that in then to have it shot and turned ino an episode for the crew?! It's going to be amazing!

So, the Tribe and I are on the road to raising $10,000 in 45 (now 43 days). As I type this we just got our 15th pledge and have IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS went over 10% funded at $1030.

When I tell you this movement is something that people believe in, believe me!!!

Even if you pledge just $1 it all helps us reach our goal. The fundraising ends on March 31, 2012 at 11:59pm. We have some cool rewards for people who pledge into the filming of the project. Remember, Kicktarter is all or nothing. If you don't make your goal (you can go over) by your deadline, you get nothing and no funds are taken from your pledgers. Thems the rules! Thank you to everyone who has helped both past and present, and I look forward to demolishing this goal, on the road to March 31st. Spread the word!