Above is the now worldwide famous video on the situation in Uganda involving the alleged horrific kidnapping, forced militarism, and sex slave practices of Joseph Kony towards children in the country.

This one video, has not only sent off a wave of support big enough to part seas, but it's also stirred up some major controversy. Invisible Children, the non-profit that backs this cause and the nearly half-hour long video, has come under fire and has people doing everything from creating and posting videos against their movement, to spectators pulling up their financial statements online to track where their funding is going. Which is all cool to me, as reactions are warranted for everything...but I wonder if it takes away more than it is reaching out. 

I am not well-versed in all that is Kony, nor all that is Invisible Children. First to admit it. But as I slyly snuck into the Tribe debates going back and forth about this issue, I think this campaign is ingenius. Not since the Obama campaign has social media rapid fired a figure into the stratosphere. I am still trying to wrap my head around the idea of: 'Make Him Famous'. That, in and of itself, is one of the dopest things I have ever heard of, in the effect of getting all eyes on a criminal that millions (including myself) knew nothing about as early as last week. I can't, and won't, knock that type of innovation in thought. Call me an idealist if you will, but I also believe that if even just 30% of what they raise is going towards the actual issue and groupd work, then that's a huge difference there.

I prefer to research my own local organizations and inject my funds into a place in which works on the ground. But...I can't knock those that are grinding like Invisible Children.