Rock the hoodies today, wherever you are...

For all my NYC heads, I don't know where you are going to be today from 6pm-9pm, but I'll be in Union Square at the 1,000,000 Hoodies March for Trayvon Martin.

It's been plastered all over the internet and news channels. Towards the end of February, Trayvon was shot dead while walking home from a 7-11, in Florida. The shooter claimed it was in self-defense, yet through a slew of 911 call tapes that Trayvon's family pushed to be released, you can hear a different picture clearly depicted through the screams for help, voice of the shooter, and witness stories being told through neighboring 911 calls. Zimmerman, the shooter, has been walking around without arrest since the shooting happened. Now....the fight begins.

It's truly a tragedy. What has grown from Trayvon's story, is a frustrated movement of people looking for justice for this child.

Today, New York is standing up!! Starting at 6pm, we have the 1,000,000 Hoodies March going down in Union Square! Trayvon's family will be in attendance. All we ask are 2 things:

1. Show up wearing a hoodie.

2. If you cannot attend, wear a hoodie in your home town and snap a photos of it to circulate on Twitter and Facebook.