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In less than 3 hours. Midnight tonight, the calendar will strike March 31st and I'll officially be 28 years old. The big 2-8. This is the birthday that has me entering a new pinnacle of life, in the world of numerology, and a year in which I always envisioned huge things happening to me. I remember telling myself as a child that I'd have my first child at 28. I think this holds true, only my first child is manifesting less as a person, and more so a business. At this point, I'd have it no other way.

It was this photo, more than anything else that really struck me as something representative of where my mind is going into another year. What do you need? Why do you not have it? What is needed to obtain, attain, or maintain it?

I welcome this new year older with open arms and an open heart.

I am grateful for all I do have, and for whatever reason, all I don't.

Thank you all for supporting. Especially those behind the movement and the Kickstarter. 11:59pm tonight marks the official 24 hours left mark to the Kickstarter. If you thought about getting me anything for my birthday, all I ask is a small pledge to the Kickstarter fundsraiser for the Tribe. Even as small as $5 if you haven't thus far. Thank you SO much everyone. Muah!