In lieu of the last round of questions that were posed by fans, members of the Tribe, and general people in my life, there was a very poignant question that came out after the video footage was shot and released. Tribe member, Angela, hit me up and asked:

Now that you are at the helm of such a large (and growing) group of travelers do you think you'll ever travel solo again? Since we're all over the world would you ever lie or evade members to do it like the old days?

This is probably one of the best questions I've ever gotten. What made it so good is that it is seriously, and truly, something I've thought about and an actual issue I have to think about.

My answer is as follows: no and yes.

Would I lie to members? No. Would I evade them? Yes.

I have to, for my own sanity. I have to find that mental and physical nook that allows me to experience life and travel, alone, on my own terms. And frankly, it's approaching soon. I've contemplated getting on a bus to nowhre one of these days and just figuring it out. I will need a break from it all, as a balance to make sure 'it all' keeps growing properly.

I still prefer to travel alone. There is a warrior that comes out when I know all I have, is me. Highly independant. I admit, sometimes to a fault. I need my space in every facet of relationships I have in my life, personal and professional. The Tribe is nothing different.

I only speak about this with particular people, and have never written about it publicly, until now. Not out of fear, but in not trying to get ahead of myself and have people take the comment as ego-driven over lesson-driven. Regardless, the truth is..... I'm becoming famous.

It's the nature of what I'm building and I'd be a fool not to know there's a million eyes on me right now. Even more of a Simpleton, I'd be, if I didn't admit to knowing that this is only going to get worse with time. I have no intention of stopping, slowing, pausing, halting. Therefore, I have to find the balance and the privacy, for the sake of myself and the sake of those closest to my life. As against my inherit nature as it is, I've welcomed boundaries. They must be respected.