Two nights ago I was able to meet one of my top three female entrepreneurs. As I told her in person, during the Q&A section, she is very much my unofficial official mentor in the world of business. From the aim for reality tv as a stepping stone into the literary and business stratosphere, I've taken notes from Bethenny, from Day One. Living in New York City, you run into celebrities all the time. From a business perspective, I was geeked to meet her.

As I got her new book signed, I looked her in the eye and affirmed, "I'm putting it out in the Universe, to your face. We're going to be working together in the near future."

"Oh yeah?"

"Absolutely, and it's going to be in the realm of your new talk show. (insert Nomad•ness pitch)."

"Oh my God this can totally happen. You'd just have to fly to LA to do it. Talk to Jackie."

"LA is not a problem. Thank you so much!"

one lesson... own your future!