The last 24 hours have been overwhelming...

8 hours into this business proposal...a ton of views and opinions on the future of my ventures.

Great phone calls, new connections, progress on all fronts and the only thing that I've been able to think about is how much everyone doesn't know. A lot has been accomplished, in a short period of time. But the game changers are all happening behind the scenes.

In an effort to get my bearings about myself, I went out for a 3 mile run. That's when I got lost in the concrete and my iPod. Halfway through my run, I was listening to a song that completely and fully described exactly how I've been feeling...Umi says.

I've got a monster on my hands. That's what the email from my boyfriend read at midnight last night. A simple sentence that encompassed so much. In Brazil, he was able to observe others talk about the movement as if it was their own...because it is. He knows more about the goings on than the average onlooker or member, and sometimes I wonder what he thinks about it all. In this one sentence, I know he saw something in Brazil. The connecting of dots. Buildingof relationships. The movement, in motion.