The last 48 hours have had occurances in which I cannot dismiss the fact that the Universe has truly built a team of people to help make sure things get done. The last two days have been a whirlwind for my brain and body. Lots of early morning calls, leaps towards dreams, and reuniting with people I haven't spoken with in forever.

With that said there are some SERIOUS personal thank yous in order!

I start with my team, the High Coucil. You guys have my back, while helping to progress my front. It does not go unnoticed and I am so grateful for the help you all give to the movement. Macario, my random rants, brain fart text messages, and communications at inappropriate hours are just a peek into what I've put Jason through for about ten years now, welcome to the real madness.  

Gideon... you have popped back up with the connections of a thousand Mayan warriors. So serious. Thank you for picking up the phone when I call, and putting an ear out when I need it.

Jared... I don't even know the last time we spoke honestly. It's been ages and I believe it was within the confines of a pizzeria around West 4th. Thank you so much for re-remembering me with your contributions over the last 48 hours. It was dope and as I said today, we don't know what will come from it.

Lauren...very Aries-like of you, you jumped on a crisis and helped to seriously divert it tonight. This is the second time you've helped in this arena and I'm thinking I need to start coming to you first with this. lol. Seriously, thank you.

Patrick...Let's make history!!!

While we're at it, I might as well get my future thank yous out too.

I'd like to that Pharell for that random phone call today telling me how much he adores the Tribe and series, and would like to be our first celebrity advocate and investor. How dope of you.

To Chef Roble, you rock and thanks for the favor.

First Lady Michelle Obama, thank you for responding to the letter. I'd love to find a way to help us bridge travel and curriculum with the children. I'll be by the White House on Tuesday. Let's chop it up then.

Mark Zuckerberg... mind if I call you Zuck from here on out? Thanks. ;-)