It started at the NY Times Travel expo. I walked in with a plan of attack. I knew the countries, their placements, and what time Tribe members were to arrive. Split the High Council up, divide and conquor this mammoth and the get the hell out. But, that's not how it went down.

First off, way more members showed up than I had ever anticipated. It was a first time meeting quite a few for me, which is always one of my favorite parts of running the Tribe. I believe I was chopping it up at the Japan station, when I was encircled by a number of members who'd just found their own private Utopia, the Hedonism booth. The stage had already been set. They'd pitched them on the Tribe, and understandably so, any vendor (sex related or not) who hears that there may be the potential for one organizer to bring upwards of 20 people into their establishment, makes people perk up. No pun intended.

I've been conflicted with Hedonism, both on a personal and professional level, with the group. In essence, I have no problem with nudity, even publicly, if that's your thing. Hell, I feel this is one of the main downfalls of having roomates...I digress.

I get it. The voyeur in me is totally with it. But the business woman, and more importantly, brand builder is like damn....something is not sitting 100% right. I listen to the Tribe...a lot. I'm like a good boyfriend. He listens, even if you think he isn't, even when you yourself know you're a second away from uttering runon sentences. And that is something too, that I have to balance and check with my own vision of not where we are.......but where we're going.

My mind ventures off to the community outreach program that is presently in the forefront of the movement, along with different people and establishments that I intend (hell or high water) to be affiliated with. Timing, also plays into this. We're in our infancy. We're growing fast, but we're still young. We got some growing pains to get through first.

In essence......this goes against everything I believe in, as I'm definitely the 'throw caution to the wind' type of person. I jump first and think later. But... I'll be damned if off a decision I make, my 'baby' wakes up with a black eye. Have to nurture correctly.

I know its been on people's minds and it's come up a number of times with certain members. I get it, trust I do. So much so, I felt the need to address it here. I'd love to hear the stories that would come along with a trip like this. I mean, in reality though, the NomadnessX trips get kinda ... themselves.

In all seriousness, know, I listen. I don't ignore. I just try to find the best way to implement, or not.

I'd say until you get to that section of Jamaica, there are a number of ways you can ummm, nurture that need for Hedonism. Think Adam and Eve

Love you Tenders and Jungle Brothers!