It started yesterday at the Berlin Wall, with the Tribe... and continued today at Tacheles...

Beautiful people indeed. I cannot even begin to really dive into the feeling of being back in Berlin, 1 year (to the day) later. I would not have been able to put money on the fact that I would be back with 18 members of a newly formed travel group that I started on Facebook. Not nope!

Yet, and still, it is beyond amazing. I have been good at sucking tears in this go round, but they are there. They are so fuc%ing there. This is trip number two, so vastly different from number one, yet just as influential. Instead of a beach there is a city. A breathing city with life. One thing I told Thomas last vear was that I needed to do a Paris and Berlin trip back to back to see where my heart lies more in regards to a 6 month out of the year move. This past week I did that, and Berlin stole the show. I relate to this city, I do not just stare at its beauty.

Paris, as much as I love it, makes me feel like living in a glass house. Berlin, makes me want to drink beer and throw glass bottles at someone's house.

more my speed...

with as many countries as I have been to in Europe, I still have so many more to go, but Berlin... yea. You rock my world. Thanks.