This second visit in Berlin has been interesting for me, especially as a spectator of the Tribe. I currently have my Facebook status reading:

"It is interesting hearing and reading about everyone's personal experiences here in Berlin. It's as if there are like 3 different trips happening, in the same city, among the same group. Processing it all and looking forward to Asphalt tonight peeping The Swag."

From different online updates and conversation bits over the week, depending on what you have done, who you have been with, and what perception you have of Berlin, the ideas and POVs of it range greatly. Overhearing, "This is one of the best nights of my life," from one member, and "I wish I liked this city more. It isn't diverse and it's boring," from another, runs the gamut of perspectives had on this German city. Diversity is something that mere stats can prove as lacking; therefore it is apparent when walking around. Berlin is a beast with a very underground belly including the LGBT community, punk rock and electro, and as we found this week, hip-hop. But you have to find it. Particularily with hip-hop you have to be proactive in finding it. I've observed, those who are cut from that cloth enjoyed Tacheles, Sessions, and I look forward to seeing smiles on their faces at splash! as we journey there tomorrow. In speaking with my best friend today, he noted very matter-of-factly, that this goes back to why I started Nomadness TV to begin with.

We are the diversity here, and I'm proud of that. We are members originating from the place where hip-hop started, and bringing our lifestyle to them. I'm proud of that. We are the change we wish to see. I am proud of that!

We have already, just by being here, by walking around, and by owning the 5th floor of Pangea People, already changed people's perceptions, of 'us', of Americans, and in a few instances I'm sure, of women.

As much as we are inspecting Berlin, Berlin is damn sure inspecting us, and that's the point, for me anyway.

I thank everyone on the trip for the open minds and their attendance here. It's a beautiful thing and I love meeting new members. The rotation of new faces, personalities, and perspectives.

Inspired by Tribe Member, Marion...I end this with a question:

Does your perception of a place, alter the way you are received by it?