Those of you out there, whether in the Nomadness Tribe or not, know that I'm not the type of traveler looking for the show boat hotels, five star accommodations, or luxury pads. There's a time and place for everything. While on the rise in this entrepreneurship universe, my funds have no time, place, or business considering these types of three and four figure lodging accommodations. Hostel junkie. Bless them and their $10/night rooms around the world. fanatic.

And I've recently stumbled on a new UK site obsession of mine. Wimdu is a site you must check out when venturing on the European side of the pond. They're new, expanding, and efficient. I'm a lover of staying in places that feel like home away from home, and places that cost next to nothing. To have the comfort of someone's private residence and only pay 9 GBP a night....what the hell are you waiting for?