#FaceYourBrand This is a passion project that I've been working on for a few months behind the scenes.

Artistry, creativity, entrepreneurship, passion, travel are all words that make up the guts of what Nomadness (Tribe and other ventures) are created from. In a world full of broadcasting moves across the internet, it takes a particular personality to come out in the forefront of their own movement, to build their own Tribe, and have their face splashed all over the front of it

Truth is... being the face of your brand is hard!!! You get the good and the bad. Weak personalities cannot, and do not, last long in this position. I believe both credit due and help needs to be offered to those who step out on that ledge and go for it!!

This is what inspired me to create Face Your Brand!... because sometimes that's exactly what it feels like...

You VS. Your Brand!