secret getaway...

secret getaway...

I've been writing this afternoon, in this exact position. The book is coming along, specifically the portion recounting Panama. 

Sitting here talking to Mike, the other Black traveler that showed up at my bed and breakfast yesterday, I realized that this is my 20th country since 2006. While this number is child's play to many people in Nomadness, this is unearthly tot eh general public. 

20 countries. And to realize it while on a trip by myself, was beautiful. Is. Beautiful. To be able to sit in a reflective space and look at how I truly spent my 20s, traveling. Traveling has been the most constant thing in my life for an entire decade. How blessed I am to love this life, this experience these cultures and people all around the world.

It's been worth every plane ticket, layover, night on an airport floor, hostel bed, blog post, and photograph over the last 9 years. Thank you for following the journey. 


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