2015 BBQ Attendees   Photo by: Darrick Newsome

2015 BBQ Attendees   Photo by: Darrick Newsome

When a picture says so much more than you ever could....

This shot is awe inspiring as it really is a testament to the growth of our family, that is the Tribe. Truly embodying our favorite hashtag #familybychoice . 

 It was an emotional weekend. For many of our Tribe members it was the first time seeing survivors of the #Panama13 crash, and the first time paying respects to the members we lost in the accident. There was a balloon release ceremony while survivor, Jasmine Owens, read a letter from Nomadness Founder, Evita Robinson, who had to leave Atlanta early for another urgent engagement. 

We truly appreciate everyone that came, helped, and supported in making sure that this year's BBQ was a success. Here's to many many more of our family reunions. 


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