Toronto's own Jasmin Linton aka The Urban Traveler decided to celebrate her last birthday in London with a few friends. Here's a sneak peek into how her trip started. Afterwards hop over to her neck of the Internet for the entire story! 


When I think of vacation destinations, London isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind.  I had already been a few years before and to be honest, tell me who goes for kicks in the middle of winter?  But the fact was, it was my birthday week and like a true travelholic, I didn’t need more than an invitation to provide a reason to go away, yet again!

My two travel mates on this trip were my friends Mona and Renee.  Since Mona and I have traveled together many times before, we’ve learned many tricks that help a trip go smoother and one of those tips is to build a good schedule.  You have to be flexible enough to go with the flow (you are on vacation, right?), but a schedule keeps you on track as far as making sure you see/do everything that you want. On this trip though, we only had a shell of what to do outside of the one day where we had firm plans.

So, here’s what my 5 days in London looked like.

Day 1 – Tuesday Jan 13th – Landed at LHR – Heathrow at 1130AM

Renee lost her passport!  Yup, the first 3.5hrs in London were spent at Customs.  After a lot of frustration, a missed ride and hunger setting in, the passport was found and we were on our way to the hotel to check-in.

Initially, I was staying at the Westbury in Mayfair with the girls, but shortly after check-in, I learned that a friend of mine was staying at the Four Seasons Park Lane and I decided to make a last minute switch.  It was a good walk or short drive away, so it wasn’t a big deal.

I must say, the Four Seasons was wonderful.  They were also quick to fix a mix-up and made up for it in the kindest way....

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