Every so often stories come up that resonate across the Nomadness Tribe and you can't help but share them. A few days ago Tribe member Jasmin Linton shared a wedding video from the nation of New Zealand. A young couple had just finished their classic wedding ceremony when the unexpected happened. Family and friends in the audience assembled to perform a surprise Haka for the Bride and Groom. 

The Haka was a familiar sight to newlyweds and clearly appreciated. The bride, Aaliyah Armstrong shed tears of joy as her loved ones performed and were them joyed by her husband Ben.  Aaliyah, along with the rest of the bridal party also joined in the energized expression of love, admiration and support.  

"I wasn't planning on jumping in until one bridesmaid did," said Ms Armstrong. "I felt the need to show love and respect back. I was really blown away."

"Ben is a Maori, he is probably more Maori than I am," Ms Armstrong said.

"Because he has fair skin, some people have been saying on social media that 'he'd better not hurt the bride', but they're actually his family."

It was a powerful scene that had members in the Tribe talking for days and diving more into the Maori culture and the history of the Haka. Take a look at the full video below. Have you ever witnessed a union ceremony that featured expression of cultural rites or traditions outside of the standard nuptials we see at most weddings?