When Nomadness does something it is always done big. And if it was done before then it'll be done bigger. When another quality glitch fare hit the Internets earlier this year to the UAE, Nomadness swooped in to again cop hundreds of flights. In the spirit of last years #UAETakeOver the Tribe booked first and asked questions later. Our Cheerleader supreme Kenna Williams would take the lead to organize a massive trip to Dubai for Halloween 2016. Fresh off that experience Huffington Post gives you an inside at what went down in the Middle East.


Ms. Williams’s first visit to Dubai was in 2014 on her way back from South Africa. She was there with a small group of friends but decided to go back again. For the past three years, Ms. Williams has been coordinating this trip. In 2014, Kenna was in Dubai with approximately 30 friends. In 2015 she returned with 80 of her friends and this year she had a beautiful sea of over 250 black queens and kings exploring Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

What made this event such a success was there were all age ranges attending from 20s-80s, individuals in all professions including educators, engineers, doctors, nurses plus student and various types of entrepreneurs, there were several people receiving their passport stamp for the first time and some conquered their fear of flying one of the ten longest flights in the world!


Hop over to Huff Post for the full feature including a video interview with Pusha Kee, Kenna Williams herself. ~Click Here~