In-Flight Tales From Our Flying Sisters of Medicine

We're sure that those within the Urban Travel space have by now heard of Dr. Tamika Cross. Her recent experience on board a Delta flight where her professional standing as a physician was questioned has gone mainstream and sparked some heated reactions regarding discrimination and stereotyping. If this is new to you can see her account of the ordeal here. On a positive side the conversation has given birth to #WhataDoctorLooksLike as a space for Doctors of all shades to shine and show the diversity of their profession. Tribe member Nadeen White-Underwood gathered a number of our own flying physicians to share their own tales from the not always so friendly skies. Here's is a preview of one of the Doctor's featured in this great article, Dr Dafina Good. 


Black female doctors make up only 2% of the physician work force but it is a powerful one. Thanks to Dr. LS Emory the hashtag #WhataDoctorLooksLike was born. It not only showed the remarkable diversity of black female doctors but also called on Delta to address the discrimination exhibited on this flight. They have responded although not to the satisfaction of most. I decided to call on black female doctors in my Facebook travel group to share their in-flight experiences and offer sound travel advice. Get ready to be amazed and inspired because I certainly was! These women are experts in every field of medicine and even with busy careers still find time to travel the world! I posed these 5 questions to them:

1) Where you are from/current location?

2) What type of Medicine do you practice?

3) Name your top 3 travel destinations.

4) Provide travel tips for a long flight.

5) Have you provided medical assistance on a flight and if so what happened?

Dr. Dafina Good


1) Detroit, Michigan. Current Location: Washington DC

2) Pediatric Emergency Medicine

3) Cape Town, South Africa, Seychelles, Cartagena, Colombia

4) Wear compression socks on long flights, drink lots of water and ALWAYS have Travel Medical Insurance with Medical Evacuation!

5) In-Flight emergencies can be nerve wrecking as it can be simple stuff or death. I once had someone have an allergic reaction to shrimp en route to USA from Seoul, Korea. Luckily, I’m a medical ninja when I travel! Benadryl in my fanny pack gave them a nice sleep! I always say I’m like an Air Marshall in-flight…Low key, Least expected yet ready when shit hits the fans! My Advice: Be nice to everyone! You never know who may save your Life…

Please take a moment and visit Nadeen's site The Sophisticated Life for the complete article featuring some more amazing traveling Doctors showing you #WhataDoctorLooksLike!