One of the great aspect of Nomadness is that there are so many different types of travelers and traveling perspectives represented within our tribe. From solo backpackers to globetrotting couples there is a lane for anyone. Our own Tanai Benard recently chatted with Black Enterprise to share her travelers tale and the importance of giving the gift of travel to her kids. Check out a snippet from part 1 of Tanai's ongoing series with BE.


Tanai Benard is, in a word, fearless. A devoted mom who makes no apologies for leading boldly from the front, her commitment to family has spurred a global movement that has changed the landscape for single moms and their children forever.

In 2013, in the midst of marital strife, Tanai and her husband planned a move from Texas to the Arabian Gulf, along with their three children, in hopes of a fresh start and a better life. What’s more, Tanai had just accepted a position as a teacher in Abu Dhabi with numerous perks, including, among other things, housing. On all accounts, the transition was destined to be a fortuitous one. Unfortunately, however, their marital woes took a toll before their departure, causing their marriage to dissolve weeks before the move. With her back against the wall and a new life challenge before her, Tanai stood firm. Armed with little more than the courage of her convictions, she moved forward and traveled across the globe with her three minor children ages 5, 6 and 8 in tow. Little did she know, the best was yet to come.

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