Layovers have always been a part of a traveler's lifestyle. For one, flights with long stopovers are often less expensive than direct ones. In spite of this aforementioned savings, some passengers are more than willing to shell out a bit extra just to avoid added hours in the airport. No one can blame them, actually, as every minute of travelling is so vital. They would want to see the many beautiful sights, eat local cuisines, and immerse themselves in the culture, instead of extending their time inside the airport. But for you, a wise and efficient world wanderer who takes the bad with the good, these stops are just another way to get first hand experience of a country. With that, here are some airports around the world where you won’t mind having a prolonged layover:


From the amenities of Hong Kong International Airport to Singapore’s Changi Airport’s interior designs, Asia will offer you a taste of true hospitality. In Hong Kong, the airport takes advantage of its vast land by putting up a nine-hole golf course. The SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course gives passengers an avenue where they can practice their swing or shoot a couple of holes while waiting for their flights. They even provide golf equipment rentals.

Changi Airport, on the other hand, features fine works of art such as the Kinetic Rain, as well as natural scenery like a butterfly enclosure and a rooftop cactus garden.


Europe is in a different league on its own, as it primarily features convenience all throughout. For instance, the likes of busy London airports Heathrow and Gatwick ease the congestion – not just on its runways, but also its car bays – by welcoming the services of online companies. Parking4Less lists on-airport, off-airport, meet and greet, and hotel parking, as the four options to alleviate passenger worries.

On the other side of the coin, Germany’s Munich Airport and Helsinki Airport in Finland offer a distinct kind of comfort. The former has a Napcab, which are private capsules with a comfortable bed, a fast Internet connection, and an LED TV, while the latter has an equally cosy Almost@Home Lounge.

North America

Laid back is the usual theme inside airports in North America. There’s San Francisco International Airport, which has a yoga room perfect for taking a short break and relaxing away from passenger noise.

What’s even more impressive is that yogis can practice their poses, as well as recharge their bodies and minds, for free. A different type of ease waits, however, inside Canada’s Vancouver Airport. Not only is it the best airport in North America for seven straight years, has five separate parking options, and countless art exhibits, it also offers customizable passenger guides. This feature is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to all the terminals to help travelers navigate their way around the airport.

These are just a few of the stand out Airports that make being stuck between destinations an enjoyable experience in itself. 

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