I don't know if there is a place I've heard mentioned as romantic dream destination in the past year then the Greek island of Santorini. For those still making their plans to visit, Tribe member Misha Bradyy shares her thoughts on the picturesque island. 


Santorini is a place I have always only dreamed of going to. I used to always say that if and when I get married that I wanted to go to Santorini for my honeymoon. I have always seen pictures and would always imagine myself in Santorini soaking in all that the Greek island had to offer. Fortunately for me, I no longer have to wait to see if I get married and if my honeymoon destination will be Santorini because I took myself to Santorini for my spring break.


As you have probably already read from my previous post, I started in Athens and then took the Blue Star Ferry to Santorini. Santorini is absolutely a breathtaking place. Upon arriving to Santorini, I was quite emotional and shed a few baby tears. As I stated earlier, I’ve only always dreamed of going to Santorini. I actually remember making a travel bucket list board on Pinterest and pinning Santorini. Well as the universe would have it, I made it to Santorini for a week.


I stayed at Galatia Villas  which is located in Fira and very close to Thira. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Galatia Villas and absolutely recommend this hotel for anyone looking for accommodation in Santorini. The place was very clean and the entire staff was extremely helpful!

Santorini is an extremely small but beautiful island. I believe that I saw the entire island in the week that I was there. To start off there is Fira and then about ten minutes walking if even that long, you will be in Thira. In Thira there are many restaurants and it is also where you will find the vendors to buy your ferry tickets.

Originally the plan was to stay in Santorini for about three days and then head to Mykonos for two days and then back to Athens where I would leave to head back to Madrid. Well the weather certainly had other plans. It was EXTREMELY windy on the island and when I say windy, I’m talking tropical storm wind windy. Because of the extreme wind, the smaller ferry to Mykonos was unable to leave the port in Santorini, so we got stuck in Santorini for a week. Of course, no complaints by me because being stuck in Santorini is a problem I’m sure many people would love to have.


One of my favorite things to do while in Santorini, was watching the sunset. Sunset is by far my favorite part of the day. Not only is it beautiful to watch, it’s very calming and relaxing and a great time to reflect on the day you had. The sunset in Santorini is one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen in my entire life. Now keep in mind I’ve traveled to many countries and have seen many sunsets.


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