I totally love when different industries can collaborate to give a new spin to a classic business model. Yesterday, passengers on United Airlines flight 408, leaving from Newark to Chicago received a surprise as they were treated to an exclusive screening of a new sports documentary, Destination: Team USA, from Tribeca Digital Studios and United.

Leading up to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, thousands of U.S athletes will train, compete and travel around the world for the shot at representing the United States of America. Destination: Team USA follows five such dreamers, linked  not only by their pursuit of Olympic glory, but by their passions to experiences new cultures and soak in the world around them as they travel towards their Olympic destination.   

The film’s director, Adam Hootnick, Team USA hopeful Dartanyon Crockett and producers from Tribeca were also on board to witness the impromptu screening. The film highlights the journey of 5 athletes in particular who have just as much to overcome off the field as they do on it.   

Below is some info on the featured athletes and the documentary trailer.

Marathoner and 37-year-oldAndrea Duke is a 37-year-old marathoner and single mom with one shot at the Olympic Trials; Dartanyon Crockett is a legally blind, Paralympic judo wrestler from a rough neighborhood in Cleveland who overcame a difficult upbringing to bring home Bronze in 2012; diver Abby Johnston balances medical school with one last run for the games before she retires; Ibtihaj Muhammad is battling to be the best female saber fencer in the world, but also fights just as hard to shatter stereotypes; and Cam F. Awesome is a heavyweight, vegan boxer up against himself, as well as his opponents. - Via United Hub

The film will be widely available for in-flight viewing beginning July 1 as part of United Private Screening. Destination USA is the first documentary ever to be officially produced via an Airline.