We enjoy the foreign foods, exotic locales and rich cultures when traveling the world. Yet there are times when that experience is interrupted be the horrors of our world. Nomadness Tribe member CJ shares her recent dealings with crisis while in the midst of international travel. Take a look below at her thoughts then visit her site for more. 


As soon as I had purchased my Eurotrip flight in May, I had been lusting over June 17 to come so I could finally see some cities I had been dreaming about.  It was officially the furthest I had ever been from home and also the longest time I had been away from the States.  I was extremely excited, but a part of me was anxious about an emergency happening while I was gone that I would have no control over.  Unfortunately, it took place a couple of times, directly and indirectly.

I am going to discuss three situations that made my chest hurt and my stomach drop.  They put a sour taste in my trip for a few days and while I am normally bold and confident, I felt helpless. I am going to be transparent with what I could have done within my locus of control and what (if anything) I would do differently the next time it occurred. 

I felt sick to my stomach to see Dallas in a state of panic.  It is never comforting to see cities "fall" for a brief amount of time (natural disaster, shootings, etc) but when it's where you sleep, it touches your soul in a different way.  I was worried about some of my friends that were in that very vicinity at the time of the first shot.  I got chills because if I had been back home, I could have been there myself.  I also did something stupid (i.e. reading internet comments of ignorant folks) while reading news stories and just kept to myself for two days. 

I did not know how to process what was going on. 


Please check out the full blog post as CJ shares her emotional process in dealing with various crisis' overseas.