When Nomadness Tribe member Brianna Mills hits the road you can be assured that breath taking imagery will result. Presently on a trek around Italy, lets pop in on Brianna during day 2 of her time in Rome. Here is a snippet and you can visit her site for the full post.


After the exciting activities of my first day in Rome, you could imagine how tired I was the next morning. On top of that, I only had a couple hours until meeting my tour group outside of Vatican City. A tip about staying in spaces when sharing the same bathroom: Take your showers at night to avoid the crowd! After hovering outside the bathroom for almost an hour and finally getting dressed, my window of time to get to my meeting point had significantly diminished. My only choice was to order an car - never the frugal option.

Luckily, Rome had a few options of car transportation for me to choose from. I had downloaded the MyTaxi app, which hails a taxi in the area to pick you up, but since I hadn't set up an account with them yet, I opted to use Uber for this ride. I hopped into my car, telling my driver that I needed to arrive at the Vatican in 10 minutes, despite the 15 it would normally take to get there. "I'll try my best, but traffic this time of day can make that difficult," my driver told me. Regardless, I had faith in my driver as we maneuvered the Roman streets, taking the fastest routes he could find to get me to my destination.

Arriving right on time, I graciously thanked my driver and walked through the growing crowd of tourists to find my group. Once all of the people in my group found the tour guide and had our radio headsets on, we set out to the entrance of the Vatican. Our tour guide noted a few things on our way to the entrance......