When it's time to decide on a travel destination we often turn to a few resources. We check attraction sites, view guides and get word of mouth from those with experience in those locations. Wouldn't it be great to get that level of insight combined with the mobility to keep your day moving? That's where Detour enters the picture. This app lays out a pretty cool service for the info seeking travelers. Instead of your basic city overviews for tourists, Detour breaks down the city into its respective neighborhoods and districts told from the perspective of select travelers.

From hidden bars to the best place to view the sunset, you'll get real first person intel about the city. Going to New York City? You can dive into audio testimonies about Soho, Times Square, The Bronx and much, much more.   

**Try The Free Detour App Here**

**Try The Free Detour App Here**

Detour really humanizes the concept of tour guides in a way that's long overdue. With a solid wave of new cities constantly being added to the app, I'm looking forward to the new content. Even if you're not planning to visit a place right now the info alone is valuable. Honestly, I hope that some of the Tribe will one day add to the voices Detour is sharing with the world.

Take a moment and get the new Detour app. Won't cost you anything to try it out. I think you'll be as impressed as I as. [CLICK HERE]