Nothing like it.

Since the last entry, it took almost another full 48 hours to get me home. Saturday afternoon, I was on a flight from Hong Kong to Tokyo.

After a 14 hour layover, and hopefully that last night I'd have to spend in an airport, ever, JAL Flight 006 brought me home.

I arrived in New York City's JFK airport yesterday a little before noon. Officially trading in the motorbikes for subway cars, sharing the same bed as Jeremiah to sharing the same bed as my cat, Thailand heat for New York City's autumn transition. I've arrived, and it feels good. No, it feels great.

Familiar faces, language, and currency. A sense of gratitude for friends, family, the city that has since been revived since leaving Thailand.

It was the best decision, for me.

2010 has had me in Japan, India, NYC, Thailand, Cambodia, China, and even Burma for a few hours. That's seven different countries in ten months. It's time. Time for me to sit, and look at the reflection staring back at me. It's time to be home, grounded, planting solid roots from which to grow from. It's time to explore and digest all I've seen over this time abroad, and help it shape me at home.

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. 
-George Moore