I have been stranded in Hong Kong now for what is well over 24 hours.

I have spent over 48 hours in airports, and two nights attemptiong sleep will being awkwardly stretched out over seats in airport departure terminals.

My eating and hydration is scarce, and slowly but surely, I feel like all patience is ridden from my body.

I am on my second phone card. I am in a partnership with my mother, father, and brother in trying to find out what the hell is going on with my flight.

This is, by far the worst situation I have ever been in, while traveling. THE WORST! It is now almost official that I will not be back in NYC in time for the Cambodian Benefit dinner I was invited to on Saturday, which only adds pure diesel fuel to my flame.

The mishaps are plentiful and I truly don't know what to do with myself. I feel like I am trapped. I want nothing more that to spaz out, while I am being told to remain calm.

My least favorite part of traveling, is the actual traveling. The flights and all that comes along with them. This experience breeds pure disdain for the process now.

I STILL have no confirmation for another flight. We're approaching the three day mark. I wonder at what point the average person would break? I just want out of here.

Little did the people know, who booked my flight, but Emirates Airlines doesn't play that 'someone else paid for my flight' card. Because I was not the card holder, or the card holder wasn't flying with me, they refused to let me on the plane for the Hong Kong to Dubai, Dubai to NYC leg of the trip home.

The very legs I spoke about in the previous blog...wish me luck and sanity.