What I'm going through right now, I'd like to call the Black Girls Rock residuals...

Situating myself up for an productive 12 hour at home work session. Busting through the current chapter of this book, flier for the photo sale, situating a new episode of Nomad•ness, research for tomorrow's interview, and taking a look at Jason's project. It's going to be a busy day. All of it will take place in my living room, while wearing pajamas and clicking away on this laptop.

I'm motivated and invigorated, and when I feel that...work gets done.

To women of color, last night via social networks, our living rooms, and bedrooms scattered across the nation we saw a unity form. We saw living legends speak, and young YOUNG women making their own path in the world. To you all, and them all, I give massive amounts of respect.

Let's put dreams to action, and continue moving forward to help progress ourselves and our people.

Brothers, you were not forgotten in my mind. You own this responsibility as well. Take it with open arms, and as a unit...let's move!