I'm laying in my bed after two days of getting up at 4am, for 6:15am call times.

I'm very much exhausted, yet full of life. I have worked with the most efficient, down-to-Earth crew possibly in the history of all my crews. Drained, I am here reliving all the faces, conversations, jokes, and wrapping up of this commercial spot.

I was sponge-like the last two days. Peeping the scene while also finding my place in it. They're a family, and I feel like they let me peek into it. I'm so grateful for the last two days.

Sleep is a necessity. Unanswered emails will have to wait until the morning. The blog entries will be plentiful going into the new week.

To all who made this week, from Hammerstein to Prospect Park, the bomb, I thank you.

Up a few notches and full of life...