Last night my boyfriend sent me a text that really opened my eyes. My intial response was "Wow!"

The wisdom:

"People have sight, but not vision. They shouldn't because your vision is yours. You have two families in life. The one you were born into and the one you create surrounding that vision. Family usually doen't see the vision until checks come in..."

Well damn then. Obviously, a family member kind of set me off last night.

It's one of the first times where I felt like my path that I've worked relentlessly towards, was questioned. I have never, for one minute, ever in my life felt like my ultimate goals would not happen. I may not know how bumpy the ride there will be, but I know I will get there. Period. End of story.

I taste my vision everyday. I'm unwavering in its execution. I just don't like feeling as though I have to 'explain' why I do what I do. I was put in a situation like that last night, when someone else seemed to be pushing their opinion on me as to a way I should go. Don't people know that Aries are rebels by invention?

Anyway, it got me to thinking about how important holding steadfastly to your vision truly is. It also reinforced the fact that, with your vision, you have to be specific. Get that laser-like focus on one thing, and finish it with excellence. Everything else is a formality on the road to getting where you're going...

Whether it's traveling around the world, or across the street...keep going.