Here's some info, fellow travelers on an opportunity to travel the highways of America, get videotaped along the way, and win some cash and prizes. Apply for the official application HERE!

The program will run from July 11 through August 28, 2010. Over the course of the program, we’ll launch three road trip teams on different routes each week. Each team’s mission is to interact with people along their assigned route, capture interesting stories of unique personalities and places throughout their journey, and upload their stories to the program website.

As each team files content from the road (written stories, photos, videos, etc.), web visitors track their daily progress, comment and vote for their favorites. Each team competes against one another to create the most compelling stories and win cash prizes. The team with the highest number of votes for that week will be awarded the weekly prize of a $500 Amex Gift Card.

In addition, each week, the team with the most compelling overall content (as determined by judges) will receive a $200 Sears Auto Center Gift Card. Select teams may also participate in additional segments of the road trip beyond their designated segment for an opportunity to win more prizes. Web visitors will also have the chance to win daily for their participation.

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