This is the final week stretch to make as much money as I can to help fund the trip. I appreciate all the help people have given. Whether in the form of donations, work, or the photo sale, you all have helped out tremendously!

I know, from donating in the past, that sometimes I feel that if I can't donate a lot, then I don't really want to donate at all. That may just be me. Deep inside, I want to make a difference, yet if $2 is all I can afford at the moment, I don't see the point.

Here's the point in regards to my trip.I am making a little list as to what I can get for different donation prices:

$1: A full meal, including drinks, allegedly a bus ride from Bangkok to the Cambodian border

$5: 3 meals a day for 2.5 days, night lodging in a low-grade hostel

$10: nearly a week's worth of meals, one night stay in a decent hostel

$20: SIM Card for cell phone in Thailand, meals for a week and a half, 3 days in low-grade hostel

$50: nearly a month's rent in an apartment (yes. I'm serious.), paying off two US bills that I still have while traveling, 1 week in decent hostel, meals for almost a month, Cambodian Visa cost

$100: full rent for one month in Thailand, food for over a month, SIM Card with enough minutes for nearly the half the trip, 3 weeks stay in decent hostel, pay 1 US credit card bill for one month

and it goes up from there...

When I say every cent, or every dollar makes a difference, it's not a lie. Absolutely anything you can give will help my trip. A lovely gift from Thailand, for you, is waiting on the other side of this excursion.

To donate, click on the paypal icon, to the right of the screen and send the payment to If you'd like to send cash or check, please contact me directly through the site's contact page.

Thank you all so much!