The city is breathing tonight...

Living in the Bronx, I do have that stereotypical, highly Latino, not the most culturally infused 'hood'.

The majority of the time I can't wait to get out, and plotting the border run to Manhattan or Brooklyn is a daily occurance.

With that, I got a nice surprise today. I live on a residential street, in a house. Two things that are rare for the Bronx. My neighbors and I are pretty closeknit, and to my appreciation, very progressive.

On my summer holiday from Japan, last year, I was introduced to a neighbor whose daughter and son were both teaching in Tokyo. Neighbors directly across the street. I found it amazing. Sadly, you don't hear of that in our community.

Tonight, I was introduced to the daughter. Two months off of leaving Japan, it was cool to meet someone who has gone through the same thing you have, across the street. Her mother, a supporter, couldn't have been happier to see the interaction and hear the conversation. Her's being far more advanced in Japanese than mine.

I left them to go next door to the neighbors I know best. Middle-aged Black couple, who's conversation is always insightful, have offered their money to help aid my trip to Thailand. I sat waitin in their living room with a sense of gratitude to everyone who has helped with this process. So much effort, time, and energy is still going into it, but it's coming together. 

The next three days will produce the possibility of five photo shoots. It's really happening. I'm really grateful.