Today marked the beginning of growth. Nor pink or pretty, it was a legitimate growing pain.


I had my first purchase of six of my travel photos, from the array you see HERE!

It's my first time with this specific printer for something so important so I wanted to get a glimpse of the images first hand before shipping out.

At Adorama on 18th Street, I got the goods. Around 10pm, I'm on the 4 headed home for much needed rest (which I'm obviously not getting now  at 2:06am) and to get a glimpse at the photos.

They look phenomenal!!!! Six 8x10s that were so gorgeous they actually started catching the attention of other riders.

"Wait, did you shoot these," she asked me.

"Yea, I did."

"Wow! Is this India?"


"Yes, I recognized it."

"Oh, have you been," I asked.

"No, but I could tell."

"Do you travel a lot?"

"Yes. I just got back from Brazil," she answered without hesitation.

"Great. I'm moving to Thailand for three months next week. Actually, let me give you my card. I have a travel blog, and you can see these photos for sale."

"I'll definitely check it out," she said grabbing the card. "Safe travels!"

"You too," I uttered.