Evan and I left Bodgan at the airport to figure out his connecting flight status, and to wait for Tyler and Jeremiah to show up.

 We both wanted to see Hong Kong, yet as Evan stated, “It’s your show. We’re just following it.” With that, we were off on the next bus into the city.

 After running for a bus ticket, lugging a 50+ pound rolling bag, backpack, and purse, my heart rate was through the roof, and I triumphed at making it in time for the bus to pull off with the angry, impatient bus driver behind the wheel.

 Forty minutes into the bus ride, it was apparent we were reaching the city center and I was surprised to see how dirty Hong Kong was. I mean, you hear about the severe pollution and over population but you can see this shit in the air. I felt like you could wipe the years of pollution layering itself off the sides of buildings. Many of the buildings look like modern day Chinese ‘ghettos’ from the outside. I wonder what the insides look like.

 Hong Kong, to me, is like the dirty New York of Asia. New York City is not the cleanest of cities, therefore I find a more accurate comparison, in say, Hong Kong resembling it, than the “I can eat off the ground” Tokyo, even though all three share the very bright light Times Square similarity.

 As soon as our bus stopped, we were bombarded at the door by (to my surprise) a notable population of Indians. I felt like I was back in Jaipur. This shit was crazy. I also felt the immediate morphing I go through in situations where people disregard personal space. Insert stone cold face, attitude to match, and as much silence as possible. The more you talk, the more they follow.

 The flood of Indians gave way to African men, and for some reason, I felt a little bit better. They were a tad bit less aggressive and just so happened to run the hostel we were searching for. Also, it was more true to form for me from experiences in Japan.

 In Tokyo, especially around Roppongi, the amount of Ghana originating Africans is mind numbing. You have no idea how they got there, nor why they stayed. Seeing these men from Nigeria just made more sense to my brain, post 15-hour flight.

 I can’t wait to see the footage Evan got of me in Hong Kong…it felt good to start this trip off as the only cast mate around with Evan. It’s allowing me to get used to the process, and get reused to Asian again. I have definitely arrived…