The double meaning is no coincidence...

In arriving in Bangkok, specifically our street in the Sukumvit (I think...) section, at 1am, the nightlife was definitely alive and well. The prostitutes, of the third gender prevalent in Thailand, adorned the streets. For undisclosed prices known to me, they shed clothes, exposing skin to make a living in this country.

I, on the other hand, am shedding this skin in a more emotional, non-literal, and financial level. Waking up this morning at 6am, I wasn't able to sleep and decided to be productive. I love congregating in hostel lounges. It's where the conversations with strangers, networking, and insight shows itself with people you didn't even know existed. It's the beautiful cesspool that reminds me why I travel. This morning was no different. The Universe placed the perfect person into my life this morning...more on Mary later.

Financially, this morning led to the uneasy awareness of nearly a $300 discrepancy in my fund budget. I am still baffled at how it happened. Yet, between having to pay a staggering $142 for added visa pages, and an extra $150 for a RT flight, my funds were thrown of course worse than expected.

I am already in survival mode and it's day one in Bangkok. Work is more of a necessity, and considering money for food may be greatly curbed, I'll be shedding more skin in the form of disappearing weight.

With that, all donations are welcome and the travel photos are definitely up for sale HERE!