"This is the most I've ever used the word 'we', in a relationship, in my life," is what I said over the phone as my boyfriend listened via Skype, on the other end, and I overlook the city skyline from Chiang Mai Inn, in Thailand.

I'd realized this fact somewhere between the flights from New York to China to Thailand. 19 hours worth of flying will do it to you.

I am so in love, in awe, and in gratitude of this man. No travel itinerary can diluate the love that I feel inside. For the first time in my life, in a relationship, I feel a part of a team. A true unit in which two individuals create a partnership that helps foster the best in each other.

I am probably embarrassing the hell out of him writing this blog, but I am so sincere that there are tears forming in my eyes. In a room full of models, he has this effortless way of making me feel like a queen.

I am at an place in my life where I am not going to give any significant amounts of my time and energy to someone I don't see the potential of a long term comittment with. The games are old, as are the players.

Too many times, great, phenomenal men are not given the credit they deserve. I, very consciously, make it a note to tell my brother, male friends, and boyfriend how proud I am of who they are.

As a people (especially a couple), we are an extension of one another. Your success is mine, and vice versa.

We got this!

Nelson, words cannot express the gratitude and love I have for you. The writer truly has only emotion...no words can convey. Thank you for being you.