I am approaching the finishing pages of my 15th journal.I have the last decade of my life on paper.

I go through a process when it comes to journals. When I choose a new one, I think about what events are going to fill its pages. Where am I when i start it? Where will I be when it ends?

This 15th journal has taken me through the widest spectrum thus far.

Through it's pages, I wrote through the beginning of a brand new relationship, the death of one of my best friends, the departure, and eventual arrival in Thailand.

When I bought this journal, in a textile shop in Jaipur, India I never imagined that it would house one of the most traumatic experiences I'd have in my life, thus far. Rudi has been on my mind a lot the last few days.

My upcoming Nomad•ness video will delve into that a bit deeper. His birthday is September 30th. The day my visa in Thailand runs out. The conclusion of the 9th month. Twenty-seven years after one of my best friends was born.

I love you Rudi. Spin in Peace.