So, less than an hour ago I re-arrived back in Bangkok. Got banged for a 50 bhat tut tut drive to a guesthouse that I found out only afterwards was literally across the street from the train station.  Fuckers! everyone has to make a living though, so I won't fret.

Oh Bangkok. My home again for the next seven hours, as I have to be up by like 5am. Visa got me running!

The guesthouse is...interesting. Probably the worst digs I have stayed in while traveling, minus the mosquito/photo lying/malaria hub Steph, Melissa, and I stayed in in Agra.

It's been a 12 hour train ride from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. In the last 24 hours, I have had two hours of sleep and one meal. I had to get online to let everyone know I made it, but this chick is about to get some grub, a shower, and some sleep in an area that fully reclines.

Love you all! Cambodia in the morning...