Ok, so it's official. The eagle has landed and planted her ass in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I made it. After 12 hours on the train, 7 hours in the guesthouse with the taped up toilet, 5 hours on the local train, Poipot border (which will have its own post) between Thailand and Cambodia, and the 2 hour mini van ride to Siem Reap....I made it!

So, hell is the PoiPot border crossing clusterfuck between Thailand and Cambodia. Again, I will get into details about this in a later post, as I am typing anxiously to get in the pool. (Just keeping it real!) I definitely want to delve into it deeper to help aid others looking to take the same route. I got you. I documented my route and prices for everything. Poipot is the definition of sketchy...and of course being Evita, nothing I do can go according to the laid out plans online that every other person has gone through. Of course not. That was hell...

Now heaven...My amazing best friend from Japan, Megan was here a few months back and at last minute recommended the hostel I am staying in. Dude, ok $8 is pricey for Cambodia. But I am staying in an $8 a night hostel that has an indoor pool in the lobby!!!! The computer room, I am currently in, is a glow in the dark psychedelic mural. My room (shared) is flawless and I am right in the downtown area... I am like a kid in a candy store. I haven't even seen Angkor Wat yet!!! I apologize as I will not be able to post photos/video to coexist with this post until I get back to Thailand...no laptop with me.

Ok, Cambodia is calling...love you all!