This is where the change in plans to go from a visa run to Laos, became a visa run to Cambodia.

So, I’m headed to Cambodia. It’s official. The packing is done. I’m writing emails to everyone and catching up with the family back home before I begin this strenuous trip down and over to Cambodia.

The only female in the group is ditching the guys and headed to Angkor Wat by her lonesome.  This trip is long overdue in my life. I have been psyched about seeing, touching, and inhaling the air at Angkor Wat for a good year now. The time has come. The excuses are no more.

In a few hours, I’ll be starting the first leg of this trip, headed right back to where we came from, Bangkok. The field producers and other cast members are not coming, for financial and visa limitations. The show must go on, even if I tape this portion myself. I will officially be on my Lara Croft, Tomb Raider shit! I am PSYCHED! This is where I’ve really been wanting to go… here goes something.

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