The first morning started with us waking up with the tasks of checking out of a hostel, and hopefully into an apartment in Bangkok, to have a home for the next month.

Right now, it's looking for a home base in order to navigate gaining work from that seems to be the focus. So, within an hour of finding out how little money was in the possession of many of the cast members, we toed with the notion of parking our asses on an island beach and making it work. With Jean-Pierre looking at Koh Samui,I kind of blurted out the idea of us heading up to Chiang Mai.

Fuck it. It's cheaper, still a city/town yet not as abrasive as Bangkok, and cast members have some connections there for sure.We got a collective yes.

Jean Pierre and I went to the Hua Lampong station to acquire everyone's tickets. My night ended, with the start to a 10 hour train ride to Chiang Mai.

I was woken up by a phone call at 7am. My other half. My strength and my support. Also known as my boyfriend, Nelson. I watched the sun rise through my train window, as I spoke to the man I love. It was the best way I've woken up since being in Thailand.  He checked on the cat, got my mail, and sent his love through that phone. A love, that undoubtedly, I miss more than even my words can express at this moment.