While most people were running away from their RAs (Resident Assistants) in college, I was busy being one.

I didn't get a kick out of running my floors on fear, or letting the position get to my head. I just wanted order, particularly on nights when I was on call. That was all I asked. My last two years of college, I was an RA, and I'd seen so much sh*t by the time it was over, I'm still baffled at how some people graduated. Nonetheless, they did and I'm proud of it.

Today's fundraising day is oriented towards my old Residents from Iona College. Eastchester Building 20 and North Hall to be exact. Today I'll be contacting residents of college days past, as well as former RAs who knew the ropes through in through!

To give you a glimpse at the momentum the fundraiser has picked up...we have just finished Day 6 and already have $1,195 raised towards $5000. 38 Days to go! Please support and pass the word! Every dollar counts! Pledge HERE!