Me drinking the signature drink of the night, a Nomad•ness Martini! We also had DRT•BG shots! Don't mess with me.

First and foremost, before I get into any type of recap of last night, I need to say thank you to Blue of Blue Entertainment. He is my dear friend and the man behind everything that was last night. A warm thank you to Game Day Bar & Grill. A beautiful venue, on East Tremonet Avenue in the Bronx. Such a gracious host to the event. Alexa, V, Jason, Dennis, Brian Peters, Gyasi who also supports, Rufus, Mom and Joseph, Branded Baron for supplying the T-shirts and new Nomad•ness stickers . Check out his site below! The dude is talented!


YES, there are Nomad•ness T-shirts! $5 during the last week push of the fundraiser! If interested, hit that "DONATE" Tab to the right, and clock in $8 TOTAL. $3 of that will go towards shipping costs! That easy!

Another Thank you to all from Blue's crew that came through! I really appreciate all the love and support!

What we lacked in heads there, we made up for in money. My Pay Pal and Kickstarter were going off all night. Between the DRT•BGs sold, the pledges from last night, and Jason's own pledge, I woke up to a $550 jump in our goal! We are, at this second, 82% funded, and you're CRAZY if you think I'm letting that go! We got this $5000! I just need everyone to please pledge whatever you can and spread the word like wild fire!

I see you guys really like the DRT•BGs! That's awesome. more to come soon! Only 3 left right now! 2 Blue, and 1 Orange. Talking designs for the next bag for sometime next month! Canvas bags will be recurring, but I have emphasis on the next step up right now, so everyone rock with me.

Again, a thank you to supporters, family, and friends. The fellas always have my back!

Love and Gratitude!