At midnight, last night, it officially marked the 1 Week left point in the fundraiser. Today has been absolutely phenomenal as far as pledges. It's around 3pm EST and we're already 8 pledges in, including a pledge increase, by a current Backer. If any of you are interested, I invite you to increase your pledge amount through this last week.

Being that this is such a monumental point in the fundraiser, I felt it would also be a good time for a positive announcement.

I made a promise to you all, at the bottom of my Project Outline, that I'd do everything in my power to make sure that this project happens, both on and offline. It is a promise I have since kept, and one I don't think I realized I kept to the capacity I did.

Last night, while at work, the Form Submission email went off that links directly to my website. Assuming it was someone inquiring about a DRT•BG, I opened the email to find out that..... is an Official Nominee for Best Travel Blog by the Black Weblog Awards 2011.

Truth be told, I'd never even heard of this Awards Ceremony, so I definitely didn't try to gather votes around a nomination. People, whoever they are, voted on their own. And voted enough, that without knowing it, got me into the finals.

I have been invited to attend the LIVE taping in Los Angeles the weekend of July 9th. If you know me, you know hell or high water, I am there!

So again, my pledge to you, is that I will keep this project going, until the vision is realized, by any means necessary!

If you would like to vote (open until June 17th) please click the link below, or photo above. My category is on Page 4/5, #28.


You all, individually, and as you see also collectively have inspired me. The support can induce tears and chills. Thank you!