With the push of the DRT.BGs and promotions for Berlin, Nomadnesstv.com word is spreading everywhere. So much so, it caught the attention of another female world traveler, Dash Harris, creator of the phenomenal women's website venusgenus.com.

We linked yesterday, filmed a dope bit for the promotion of Nomad•ness TV, to be featured on her site, and talked for over two hours.

One of those people who you just meet but you feel as though you've known them for years already. We spoke about similar travels in Europe, being noted by foreigners as the only Black woman they've seen travel alone, ever. We're a rare breed....for now. Nomadness is working on that.

Dash has Panamanian, and subsequently, African roots. Dash put her 2 week notice in to her most recent job and is ditching the work force to pursue her passion. My kinda woman!

She just started a 45 day Kickstarter to help get her documentary, Negro, funded at $5250! The documentary takes an innovative look at the African Diaspora and its influences on Latin cultures. Dash found something that is personal, in some areas of the world controversial, but definitely poignant and is on her way to telling the story in her own way. I dig it!

If you can pledge, please do to her project of Kickstarter.

Link to her Kickstarter is HERE!